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VIDEO: Watch The Promo For The Hottest New Ski Film

‘Same Difference’!

Calling all snow enthusiasts: Red Bull Media House has collaborated with Legs of Steel to create a multi-disciplinary new ski film. The promo just dropped, and it looks insane.

The video features freeriding, freestyle and alpine racing, and follows some of the sport’s biggest names. These include freeriders Fabian Lentsch, Bene Mayr & Sven Kueenle, and racer Felix Neureuther.

Also featured is Paddy Graham and his friends, as they attempt to build and run the world’s biggest jump. From the promo, this involves launching themselves perilously high into the air. Literally jaw dropping.


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Traditionally the three disciplines are kept separate in ski films, but with the title “Same difference”, this promises to shake things up. For those unfamiliar with skiing, the difference between freeriding and freestyle mostly comes down to terrain, with the former making lines in natural environments, such as through powder and down cliff faces, whilst the latter spend their time in manmade parks.

Red Bull Media House is renowned for its endorsement of extreme sports. Legs of Steel is a ski film company with 2.4k subscribers on YouTube.

To watch more ski videos, check out the most epic ski chase ever.

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