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VIDEO: Watch Brave YouTuber Scale The Shard In London

Adrenaline junky or just mad?

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If you suffer from vertigo, this might not be the video for you!

Youtuber CassOnline recently posted a video of himself climbing the iconic Shard Hotel in Southwark. The video, filmed on a GoPro, shows him climb from the 72nd floor viewing platform to a set of staff only stairs, before ‘conquering’ London by reaching the very top.

The self-described ‘securities worst nightmare’ is frequently found atop rooftops looking for views. The video follows his previous ‘mission’ where he climbs London Bridge. Whilst on that occasion he avoided arrest, the police issued the statement:

While there was no direct harassment or distress caused to the public, we strongly warn the “public about copying this type of behaviour and trespassing onto property.

“Not only does this have a huge impact on other people who use the property, anyone doing so risks serious harm to themselves.”

Similarly, in recent news, a group of teenagers received mixed reactions to their attempt to climb Thorpe Park’s 200-foot Stealth Rollercoaster.

Let’s hope the Instagram was worth it.

CassOnline isn’t alone in his attempts to ascend some of the world’s tallest buildings; check out James Kingston climb the Almas Tower in Dubai.

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