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VIDEO: Stuntman Andy Lewis Cheats Death After Base Jump Cutaway Accident

This went so f*cking badly wrong!

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Go Pro promotes a chance to film every special moment in your life.  The possibility to record memories that you’ll never forget is a reason why the Go Pro attracts many people. From travels to weddings to… end of life experiences. Luckily for cats, they have nine lives. Unfortunately for us humans, we only have one; please be careful with it.

Andy Lewis, an internationally renowned extreme sports athlete, had a Go Pro on his foot and on top of his helmet to record and show a stunt, Base Jump Cutaway. He decided to do a stunt that disconnects the main parachute from the harness-container and while in free fall open up the emergency parachute.

The ride seemed smooth at first, gliding around beautiful scenery. Then, he tries the stunt. At first it seems as though he had a hang of it but the parachute malfunctions and he is left with no support as he is free falling towards the ground with a half inflated parachute. With a hard landing as the only possible end, death becomes an immediate question. The odds of landing alive are so slim; imagine, you’re spiraling down to your death with no one in the ground to catch you, there is no emergency device on you to survive, and to top it all of it is…Friday the 13th.


With seconds left before hitting the ground hard we can see Lewis plummet down. It is unclear on how long he might’ve edited the video but it is shown Lewis waking up explaining how bad the landing was…but he survived! He definitely lived up to his “extreme” persona. This is one of those videos where the warning sign pops up in the beginning of the video and says “Please don’t try this at home.” Bless your soul Andy Lewis, you my friend, have cheated death.

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