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VIDEO: South American Football Hooligans Clash In Extreme Fight!

Absolutely brutal.

Too far, Hooligans, way too far.

Sport brings people of all ages, generations, and ethnicities together. Football is such a sport and one that is enjoyed and followed around the world. However, even in 2016, Football seems incapable of escaping its reputation for encouraging rowdy fights between groups of opposing fans.

Such savagery occurred between Argentinian and Peruvian fans during a recent football match, as depicted in the below video.


Some fans use belts to repeatedly hit opposing fans, while others violently kick and punch defenseless people on the floor.

Amazing isn’t it that grown adults and teens could behave like that over a football match or behave like that entirely? Like seriously? Abandoning all morals and common decency over a ball in a field…

I think it’s fair to say that as long as Football remains, so will hooligans and their ridiculous behavior. It’s sad that violent fans can ruin a sport that provides so much happiness.

Let’s hope 2017 serves a side of chill with halftime snacks.

Anyway, let’s not be too doom and gloomy about football. At least its brought us some hotties over the years, aka Messi. It’s hard to not be attracted to this man with skills like this.

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