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VIDEO: Cooper Hill’s Famous Running Of The Cheese Cuts Through The Crowd

Thousands gathered to throw themselves down a hill.

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The annual Gloucestershire cheese roll happened again this year and many people fumbled under the misty morning dew. A slight drizzle in the air isn’t enough to scare off our dairy fueled adventure! Thousands of people decided to chase the wheel of cheese down the slippery hill in firecracker frenzy.

Cheese Rolling race
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Among the crowd was 29-year-old Chris Anderson from Brockworth who won the men’s race with record breaking lightening speed and a whole lot of luck. The proud man sports the winning wheels of Double Gloucester and prepares to auction off the cheese wheels for Joseph’s Goal, a charity set up to fund research into Nonketotic Hyperglycinemia which his wife’s nephew, Arthur Bace, has the rare life-limiting condition.

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Keavy Morgan an 18 year old won the women’s race who is from Brockworth, and who has now had two victories after winning the race in 2015.

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