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Tony Hawk Tweets Hilarious Mistaken Identity Moments

Celebs…they’re just like us!

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Everyone – at one point or another – wants to be rich and famous, right? While the huge flux in income would be fantastic, we don’t know if we could handle the constant mobs out in public. But Tony Hawk, the legendary skateboarder, seems to have that latter part solved.

Recently, Hawk was at an airport when the attendant behind the reservation desk confused him with someone else. Lance Armstrong. Hm, that’s awkward. But Hawk handled the interaction like the champ he is. Apparently his identity is frequently mistaken for others’. These mix-ups happen so often that Hawk started tweeting about some of the best interactions he’s experienced.

Take a look below at a few of the hilarious exchanges:

Those conversations only got better as we scrolled. The remarks serve to prove that Hawk truly is a gentleman who doesn’t really care about his level of fame. We could use more celebrities like that in this world. He can still out-900° anyone though, and that is pretty damn sweet.

Check out the king of skateboarding complete 50 perfect tricks on his 50th birthday. Wow.

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