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The 16 Stadiums Hosting the FIFA World Cup 2026

The 2026 FIFA World Cup is only a few years away – it’s time to get to know the stadiums involved!

Estadio Guadalajara in Zapopan, Mexico. Shutterstock/Ricardo Pacheco

Hosted by Canada, Mexico and the USA, the FIFA 2026 World Cup promises to span more countries than ever since 2002. With this in mind, it’s time to get to know the 16 stadiums spanning three countries.

1) Toronto Stadium

Located in Toronto, Canada, Toronto Stadium boasts a maximum capacity of 45,000. Home to Canadian football team Toronto FC and Canadian American football team Toronto Argonauts, the stadium has a canopy roof (like those seen in Premier League matches) and steep stands.

2) BC Place Vancouver

BC Place Vancouver Stadium
BC Place Vancouver in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Credit: Shutterstock/Blair Gordon Main

With a capacity of 54,000, BC Place Vancouver in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada is celebrating its 40th year since opening this year. The stadium hosts the Vancouver Whitecaps and the BC Lions (of the Canadian Football League).

3) Estadio Azteca

Estadio Azteca Stadium
Estadio Azteca, in Mexico City, Mexico. Credit: Shutterstock/Ulrike Stein

Opening in 1966, Estadio Azteca in Mexico City set the record for the number of supporters at any FIFA U-17 World Cup game in history, with 98,943 people attending. The stadium – with a capacity of 83,000 – hosts Club America, Cruz Azul and the national team of Mexico.

4) Estadio Guadalajara

Estadio Guadalajara Stadium
Estadio Guadalajara in Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico. Credit: Shutterstock/Ricardo Pacheco

Estadio Guadalajara is absolutely certain to capture your attention as it’s built on raised ground with a beautiful circular design. Opened in 2010, the stadium located in Zapopan, Mexico, houses C.D. Guadalajara. Its maximum capacity is 48,000.

5) Estadio Monterrey

Estadio Monterrey Stadium
Estadio Monterrey in Guadalupe, Mexico. Credit: Shutterstock/Aminadab Aldama

Nicknamed “El Gigante de Acero” – The Steel Giant – Estadio Monterrey is located in Guadalupe, Mexico. Opening in 2015, it’s the home of Liga MX team Monterrey. The stadium has also hosted musical artists Coldplay, Bad Bunny and Justin Bieber and offers a capacity of 53,500.

6) Atlanta Stadium

Atlanta Stadium Stadium
Atlanta Stadium, Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Credit: Shutterstock/Cat-Bee

Acclaimed for being the most sustainable stadium in the world, Atlanta Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, is home to Atlanta United (Major League Soccer) and the Atlanta Falcons (NFL). With a maximum capacity of 75,000, it promises an award-winning fan experience.

7) Boston Stadium

Boston Stadium
Boston Stadium, Foxborough, Massachusetts, USA. Credit: Shutterstock/Joseph Sohm

Located in Foxborough, Massachusetts, USA, Boston Stadium is currently renovating to prepare for the World Cup in 2026. The stadium offers a capacity of 65,000 and opened in 2002.

8) Dallas Stadium

Dallas Stadium
Dallas Stadium, Arlington, Texas. Credit: Shutterstock/Chris Rubino

Dallas Stadium, also known as “The Death Star,” opened in 2009 and can host up to 94,000 people. Located in Arlington, Texas, it’s home to the 5-time Super Bowl winners, the Dallas Cowboys and is the biggest stadium in the NFL.

9) Houston Stadium

Houston Stadium
Houston Stadium, Houston, Texas. Credit: Shutterstock/Grindstone Media Group

Opened in 2002, the Houston Stadium in Houston, Texas, offers a capacity of 72,000. The grounds host the NFL’s Houston Texans and the famed Houston Rodeo.

10) Kansas City Stadium

Kansas City Stadium
Kansas City Stadium, Kansas City, Missouri. Credit: Shutterstock/Simona Bottone

Located in Kansas City, Missouri, this stadium is certified by the Guinness World Records as the loudest outdoor sports venue in the world. It opened in 1972 and has a capacity of 73,000.

11) Los Angeles Stadium

Los Angeles Stadium
Los Angeles Stadium, Inglewood, California. Credit: Shutterstock/Elliott Cowand Jr

Opening in September 2020, this is the newest venue to host the 2026 FIFA World Cup. Situated in Inglewood, California, it’s already hosted Taylor Swift, BTS and Ed Sheeran.

12) Miami Stadium

Miami Stadium
Miami Stadium, Miami Gardens, Florida. Credit: Shutterstock/Paparacy

Miami Stadium (in Miami Gardens, Florida) is home to the Miami Dolphins and has hosted the Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix, the Miami Open tennis tournament and many more. With a capacity of 65,000, it’s experienced many different types of events.

13) New York/New Jersey Stadium

New York/New Jersey Stadium
New York/New Jersey Stadium, East Rutherford, New Jersey. Credit: Shutterstock/George Wirt

Home to the NFL’s New York Giants and New York Jets, this stadium will host 82,500 people during the World Cup. Opening in 2010, it’s hosted a long list of A-list artists, such as Bruce Springsteen, Beyonce and Taylor Swift. It can be found in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

14) Philadelphia Stadium

Philadelphia Stadium
Philadelphia Stadium, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Credit: Shutterstock/Mike Brake

Located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, this stadium is home to the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles, with a capacity of 69,000. It opened in 2003 with a match between Manchester United and Barcelona.

15) San Francisco Bay Area Stadium

San Francisco Bay Area Stadium
San Francisco Bay Area Stadium, Santa Clara, California. Credit: Shutterstock/Mike Brake

Chosen to host the Super Bowl 50 in February 2016 (where Coldplay headline, supported by Beyonce and Bruno Mars) this stadium has a capacity of 71,000. Opening in 2014, it’s one of the newer stadiums to host. It also homes the NFL’s San Francisco 49ers.

16) Seattle Stadium

Seattle Stadium
Seattle Stadium, Seattle, Washington. Credit: Shutterstock/Joshua Lehew

With a horseshoe shape, this stadium is one of the most distinctive hosts of the World Cup. Situated in Seattle, Washington, it’s home to the MLS’s Seattle Sounders and the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks. It’s been featured twice in the Guinness World Records as the loudest outdoor stadium, in September and December 2013.

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