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SoccetBall Is The New Sport of 2018

Rob Brannon creates new sport that will take over the world.

Credit: SoccetBall/YouTube

SoccetBall is a brand new sport that is taking the world by storm. 

This new sport, SoccetBall, is a combination of basketball and football/soccer. Invented in times of personal struggle Rob Brannon took life and made the best of it.

The Brannon’s and their four children moved into a ‘mud-brick, tin-roof house’ in Africa as Rob’s world as a linguist. What they didn’t know was that this would change their lives. Rob had to battle through some rowdy kids every day to get to work, kids he didn’t much have anything to do with. It wasn’t until his wife grew fond of them as a result of a God-given message. Rob softened to them too that they became almost family. Rob began to teach them, showing them how they could become ‘honourable’.

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Every day these rowdy boys and Rob would play soccer/football and or basketball and began to bond and care for these children. Brannon says these boys became ‘very, very precious to me and my family’. In the small village of Laï, in Chad, the Brannon family had grown a few extra members.

Usually, this is where the story gets tragic, and it is. Due to the constant strain on his shoulders, Rob developed Tendonitis. This is a joint-related problem and meant Rob could no longer play with his friends. Not in the way they were used to.

Rob decided he couldn’t let the boys down each day and continued to play, but without his arms. He used his head, chest, knees, and feet to play. This is when the idea struck. Rob made a make-shift goal, a mix between the basketball hoop and the football/soccer goal. And thus, Soccetball was born.

The fun was back on for a while until Rob had to move back to America, leaving his African family behind. But he had their legacy as the first SoccetBall players with him. He introduced the sport to youth groups and it grew and grew and now is awaiting its first World Cup being held in Paris soon. Rob and his extended family are detailed on his website for the genius sport. 

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