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Referee Vomits During Soccer Game, Gets Red Card

Proof that referees have a sense of humor.

Proof that referees have a sense of humor.
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Andrew McWilliam had a tough day at work. The poor guy felt ill, could not contain it, and soon found himself puking. Unfortunately, he works as an assistant referee, and that day was May 6, when he monitored a Scottish Premiership League soccer match. He had that tough day in front of a large, raving audience. Warning: the following picture is gross.

The first half of the game was rather uneventful up until then. Neither Kilmarnock nor Dundee seemed to be at their A-game, as both blew chances to score a goal. Only at the 55-minute mark would Marcus Haber snag a point for Dundee. In the meantime, the crowd at the Rugby Park stadium grew restless. As with any soccer game where nothing seems to happen, frustration built up and tensions mounted.

Players felt the heat, spectators hungered for action, and even the refs found the game difficult to stomach. As Kilmarnock player Jordan Jones prepared for a corner kick, McWilliam stopped play for a moment and stumbled off the field. Cameras caught him staggering and shambling to the billboards. Many people at Rugby Park and at home watched the referee barf.

Here comes the kicker: a fellow referee, Craig Thomson, ran to McWilliam and checked if he was okay. When he confirmed that the lad was not dying or anything, he came up with a nasty surprise. He reached to his side and pulled up a red card, for McWilliam and everyone else to see.

Of course it was only a joke, and Thomson could not eject McWilliam for that. Still, the crowd roared in laughter and Jones guffawed beside the pair. And they say referees have no sense of humor.

McWilliam soon felt better and officiated the rest of the game. The cause of his vomiting remains unreported, but Kilmarnock forward Kris Boyd put forth a theory. He blamed his team’s terrible performance, which made them lose 1-0. Seems like everyone was feeling funny that day – and not just McWilliam’s stomach.

Referees do not just unleash their wicked humor on assistant refs. Watch this video of a rugby linesman carding a ball boy with wild aim.

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