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Parkour Skater Makes Best Of Both Worlds In Game Changing Video

Redefining skating.

Possibly the only two things that could frighten your parents more than drugs and majoring in interpretive dance are the worlds of skateboarding and parkour. And this visionary parkour skater has just brought those two worlds together — parkour and skating, that is… not drugs and interpretive dance — to form a new sub genre in the world of extreme sports.

Teen skater and parkour enthusiast, Jose Angeles, has combined these two dangerous, death-defying hobbies into one death wish of a new sport: parkour skating. What is parkour skating? Exactly what it sounds like. It’s like if someone said “How can I make skateboarding less safe?” And just like any other extreme sport, it may be entertaining to watch people fail, but watching someone who knows what they’re doing can be absolutely transcendent. Let’s take a look:

Am I the only one who was totally thrown off by the whole board-jumping thing? When I first saw him jump from one board to another, I thought it was an optical illusion. How this man has survived long enough to share this video with us, I’ll never know. The video is so engaging that you barely even realize that it’s all apart of a Gillet razor ad.

Jose is a professional parkour skater and has clearly been doing this for years (in other words: don’t try this at home, kids). Safety should be emphasized, but in order to keep aspiring skaters from getting discouraged, you can see Angeles even includes some clips of his own wipe-outs. Rather than only showing his successes, he also includes some of his failures. They’re right in the middle of the video, around 1:56, to start and end on a positive note.

Got the sudden urge to break out the old skateboard, now? Maybe this video of a man attempting to skate down a basketball hoop — with no helmet — can help you change your mind…

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