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Noah Fischer Has Become A Downhill Skateboarding Icon

A hungry need for speed.

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Noah Fischer is a daredevil if we’ve ever seen one. Some would call the Malibu skateboarder reckless. Others would say his talent is a work of art.

Fischer grew up skating around the scenic Malibu canyons. The Californian has since come up through the ranks and made a big name for himself in the skateboarding world.

The skateboarder is known for his love of steep downhill rides. And he takes speed to the next level. You need only watch the video below to know what we mean. Were you able to watch without covering your eyes?

Fishcer attacks hills that others won’t. The adrenaline junkie has since become known for his downhill racing technique that he effortlessly combines with sleek free riding.

Watch Noah Fischer easily take on some of California’s biggest slopes below.

Check out some more unseen and mesmerizing skateboarding vids here.

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