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VIDEO: Lucky Skier Captures Crevasse Fall On GoPro And Lives

He hit the slopes a little too hard.

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Skiing is scary enough with no barriers between the edge of a snowy cliff and a thousand foot drop. But what about when hidden crevasses on the middle of glaciers are also involved? No thank you.

Recently skier Jamie Mullner and his friends took to the slopes in the Swiss Alps for some adventure. But little did Mullner know he would eventually be fighting for his life. In an epic GoPro video that Mullner captured himself, he reveals the frightening moment he plunged 60 feet into an unseen crevasse.

After Mullner falls, the GoPro continues to record and the skier can be heard talking on a radio to his friends and rescue patrols. He appears to be okay during the whole video, and he even lived to release the footage. But being trapped in a dark and icy hole does not sound like ideal fun. Watch the insane footage below.

Credit: Daily Mirror

Crevasses are notorious for their danger and scariness. Many times, people fall so far down they are instantly killed upon hitting the bottom. However, if skiers do manage to live, the shape of a crevasse makes it almost entirely possible to emit sound from, and therefore screaming for help usually proves futile. Thank goodness Mullner had his radio. And in yet another harrowing scenario, skiers may get wedged in between ice due to the tapering shape of the holes. Because of the weight pressing against the rib cage, many people die due to suffocation.

How lucky is Mullner that he lived AND got the whole incident on video?

Thought this was crazy? Watch as this professional skier hits the Alpine slopes in the dead of night with only glowing poles and skis to light his way. 

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