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Korah Colts Storm to Junior Football Championship with 26-0 Win

Korah Colts emerge as junior football champions, securing a resounding 26-0 victory and setting their sights on the NOSSA final.

Young men play American Football with a game official field judge referee. Source: Shutterstock/Mike Flippo

The Korah Colts emerged as champions in junior high school football on Thursday night.

They had a decisive 26-0 victory against St. Mary’s. Superior Heights witnessed this exciting game. This thrilling showdown unfolded with remarkable moments and standout plays that secured their championship.

The game started with no points in the first quarter. This led to an intense match between the junior solid high school football teams. Both teams displayed remarkable defensive skills in the early minutes of the game.

Manchulenko Breaks the Deadlock

Early in the second quarter, Koen Manchulenko emerged as a critical player for the Korah Colts. He propelled the ball into the end zone from a distance of nine yards, setting the scoreboard ablaze. 

A successful conversion by A.J. Coccimiglio increased the Colts’ lead to 7-0, setting the tone for their dominance.

Korah’s quarterback, Zane Murdoch, then contributed to the lead by executing a skillful one-yard sneak play. This touchdown extended their advantage to 13-0, showing the Colts’ multi-faceted offensive capabilities.

Manchulenko-Murdoch Connection

Continuing their impressive performance, Zane Murdoch connected with Koen Manchulenko for an 11-yard touchdown pass, further widening the gap. The successful conversion from Coccimiglio pushed the score to 20-

The Colts were leading with a score of 0 as they went into the halftime break.

Late in the third quarter, Peyton Melchiorre exhibited his remarkable skills by embarking on a 53-yard touchdown run. This explosive play put the Colts in a commanding lead at 26-0, firmly securing their path to victory.

Korah Colts Strength

The running game of the Colts was nothing less than extraordinary. Peyton Melchiorre led the way with an impressive 163 yards rushing on just 14 carries. Koen Manchulenko contributed significantly with 61 yards on ten carries, while Cam Williamson added 58 yards on eight carries. A.J. Coccimiglio wasn’t far behind, gaining 57 yards on just five carries, showcasing their team’s offensive versatility.

Dominant Defensive Stand

Korah’s defense was as formidable as their offense, with standout performances from several players. Aiden Wonch had the most tackles with 6.5, followed by Koen Manchulenko with 5.5 and Cam Williamson with five tackles. 

Their defensive solid presence played a crucial role in shutting down St. Mary’s offensive efforts.

Mary’s Efforts

Despite a challenging game, Hunter Jackson showed determination by running for 53 yards on 14 attempts for St. Mary’s.

On the defensive side, Marcus Spadafora made an outstanding 12.5 tackles, demonstrating his commitment to the game. Beau-Jeffrey Primeau, Heath Desjardin, and Wesley Tait also made significant contributions with 6, 5.5, and 5.5 tackles, respectively.

Korah Colts Looking Ahead to NOSSA Final

With this convincing win, the Korah Colts have earned the opportunity to represent Sault Ste. Marie is in the junior Northern Ontario Secondary School Athletics (NOSSA) final. On November 4, they will play against the Sudbury champion in Sudbury. They aspire to maintain their momentum and secure the NOSSA championship.

The Korah Colts played impressively in the junior football city title game. This shows that they are a strong team. They are worth watching in the upcoming championship. Their exceptional offense and defense showcased their determination and skill, setting the stage for an exciting NOSSA showdown.

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