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Infamous Dirt Biker Aiming to Legitimize Street Riding as a Sport

New York’s Leeky Da Bikestar is looking to start a movement.

Image courtesy Twitter / @LeekyDaBikestar

People have different hobbies. Some people play instruments while others prefer to paint or play sports. But regardless the hobby, these activities help people take their minds off of whatever is going on in their life. For Queens man Leeky Da Bikestar, that hobby is riding dirt bikes (maybe you could guess that at the glance of his name). 

Driving around on dirt bikes has been a safe haven for Da Bikestar (as seen in the video below), but without an abundance of road in New York, bikers like Leeky are consistently dealing with police enforcing traffic safety laws. This is a big part of the reason why Da Bikestar wants to legitimize street riding as a sport.

There are a ton of obstacles for Da Bikestar to achieve his goal, but he believes that his version of expression is the next big thing. 

I love what Leeky Da Bikestar is trying to do. He wants to bring attention to an activity that could potentially allow people to have fun and or escape problems of their everyday lives. For example, Da Bikestar even explains in the video that he would probably be out on the street engaging in criminal activity if it were not for street riding. 

Still, like I said, there are plenty of obstacles for Da Bikestar. New York isn’t a safe spot for this. Bikers in crowded cities have limited space to participate. Driving around popping wheelies in the middle of traffic is not safe for both the rider and other drivers. That is especially true if they are under the influence of drugs like one of Leeky’s comrades recommends if you want to street ride. 

But at the end of the day, Da Bikestar is just attempting to be a trailblazer for a new sport (similarly to that of the recently deceased Jake Burton Carpenter) that could help out a lot of people. He is promoting a new outlet for city kids to express themselves.

Hopefully the city of New York and bikers like Leeky would come together and find a solution to the problem. Maybe find a local spot to create a racetrack? I know that is easier said than done, but hopefully a solution can be found that keeps people safe, while also allowing people to do what they love. 

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