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Houston High Schooler Rivals Usain Bolt With 10 Second 100 Meter Dash!

What takes you 10 seconds to do? For some, maybe it’s tying your shoes. For Matthew Boling, its running the 100 meter dash.

Matthew Boling took the win with a 9.98 second 100 meter, only .40 seconds slower than Bolt. Via

I’ve never been the fastest runner, so when I read about Matthew Boling in article on Shock Mansion, I started to break out in a mild empathetic sweat. Matthew Boling, if you haven’t heard, is the high school senior from Strake Jesuit College Prep in Houston who ran the 100 meter dash on Saturday, April 27th in 9.98 seconds. Usain Bolt’s record time for the 100 meter is 9.58, making him only .40 seconds faster Boling. Boling’s dad, proud as ever, is quotes saying, “I’d love to be able to claim it’s genetic- but he just has a work ethic that I’ve never seen from anybody.” Twitter user @Harryswales_ even compared Boling to the terrifying new iteration of that speedy blue hedgehog we all love (?) so much, uploading a trailer of the movie spliced with footage of Boling’s win. However you feel about track and field, you can’t deny how astonishing of an accomplishment this is, and that Boling should in fact be cast as Sonic the Hedgehog. Period.

Here’s the real video, if you’d like to see the speedy man in action!

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