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New Research Warns Three Times More People In Danger Of Rising Sea Levels Than Expected

We do not want a sea of people!



Climate Central scientists have recently used a new electronic model estimating that three times more people than previously researched will be affected by future rising sea levels. NASA originally predicted that 80 million people were in locations in danger of flooding by 2050, but this new research heightens that number to 300 million! 

The chief scientist and CEO of the advocacy and research group Climate Central,  Benjamin Strauss, talks on how this news is alarming and threatening. He says: 

To us it’s a staggering difference. It’s a completely new perspective on the scale of this threat.

Nature Communications published findings that warn that areas of Asia are in danger the most. Affects of the flooding are already occurring in Indonesia, where government is planning to move the capital from Jakarta to an alternative location. This new study was based off of artificial intelligence and satellite readings for a more accurate understanding as opposed to previous studies that only use satellite data which is said to “overestimate the altitude of land” due to trees and tall buildings.

Strauss also points out that the previous estimate was given a study by World Bank placing damages of $1 trillion each year by 2050. He says this will now have to be re-evaluated with the new findings and extreme action is needed. For further reports and information on this issue click here. If you found this article intriguing, check out this article.

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