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Joe Biden’s Hat Sends Sneaky Message to Trump and His Republicans

Hats off to Joe Biden.

@DrBiden / Twitter

Make America great again? We just did.

Joe Biden is celebrating, and with good reason – in January 2021, he’ll take his place as the 46th president of the US.

In one of her recent tweets, the future First Lady, Dr Jill Biden, showed that the president-elect is savouring his victory in every way possible – and that apparently includes rubbing Donald’s face in it a little.

Joy for Jill & Joe.

Her message is brief, yet heartfelt, and it’s clear to see that the couple are elated with the result. Joe is all smiles as his wife covers up the ‘Vice’ on before his presidential title. On closer inspection of the picture, though, it’s clear that his baseball cap reads ‘We Just Did’.

Considering that Trump stamped his rallying cry, to ‘Make America Great Again’, onto red baseball caps, we don’t think this is any coincidence. Those infamous hats, which symbolise the past four years of Republican rule, are being mocked.

A Taste Of His Own…Bleach?

In the eyes of many, Trump’s downfall has been a long time coming. Although he promised to unite the country, his controversial politics have left many American – and global – citizens feeling unrepresented and uncared for.

As a result, his celebratory tweet after winning the 2016 election hasn’t aged well:
Trump’s promise hasn’t quite delivered.

Trump’s tactics to earn the trust of his voters has arguably divided the country far more than it has brought people together. Still, at least he was graceful in defeat, right? Wrong – he’s still refusing to admit that he actually lost.

Biden’s not without his flaws, and he’s also been under intense public scrutiny since running for president. Whether or not you’re a fan of joe, though, American politics needed a breath of fresh air.

We’re glad that Jill and Joe took a jab at Trump’s red caps, and we’re also hopeful that they will deliver on their promises. It’s hard to believe, but the Trump saga is finally coming to an end.
TikTokers were quick to notice Biden’s message.

Trump’s losing popularity, and fast. Check out how Lil Pump’s endorsement of the republicans has damaged his career here.

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