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‘Penis Fish’ Exposed On California Beach

Thousands of phallic fish was up on shore!

Kate Montana/Creative Commons

There are some sights the majority of us don’t want to see on a beach. That guy in his too-tight speedos. That granny who thinks she’s still ‘got it’. But one beach in California was host to an unusual sight.

Thousands of phallic creatures washed up on Drakes Beach which are colloquially known as ‘penis fish’. A simple but effective name for them. One search on google will have you looking over your shoulder to make sure your boss doesn’t think you’re on some NSFW site when you should be doing that report.

Apparently a recent storm dragged the fish from the depths and dumped them on the beach for all to see. Talk about exposing yourself.

These unusual creatures are usually known as innkeeper worms and are normally found under the sand. They burrow U-shaped holes and most of us are blissfully unaware of them as we stroll along the beach in our bare feet.

However, thousands of them washing up on a beach will tend to draw your attention to the wiggly beach sausages underfoot. It’s caused quite the stir on the internet. One user commented on Bay Nature Magazine‘s Instagram, saying, “don’t ever invite to a beach again cuz I’m not going!!”

Instagrammers may be slightly repulsed at the thought of the phallic fishies but, really, they’re quite popular.

Credit: Flickr

Innkeeper worms have been a delicacy in many countries for years. They are most well known in Korea where they are referred to as ‘gaebul’. Tasty!

Judging by the pictures from Drakes Beach, the seagulls are also enjoying choking down as many of the critters as they possibly can.

As strange as the Innkeeper Worm looks, it’s quite fascinating to see the variety that nature has to offer. And it’s also a fun thought experiment to know that you don’t have to be on a nude beach in France to see some sights.

California is quite the open-minded and progressive state. Check out these sick ‘wedding bongs’ a couple had made for their special day.

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