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Parents Turn To Supreme Court To Evict Their Own Son

When failure to launch becomes reality.

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We all know that one relative who always overstays his or her welcome when invited to family members’ homes. While this person does eventually leave, no one ever quite knows what to say to shoo him or her out of the house. Of course, you could always jump to extreme measures like this family did and go to Supreme Court.

Michael Rotondo is a 30 year-old man from Syracuse, New York. He allegedly runs a “website business” of some kind but has recently experienced financial trouble. As a result of losing his money, he was forced to move back in with his parents. Normally, parents would not find this a problem, especially if their child actively worked towards getting back on his or her feet. Rotondo, however, does not seem to be a go-getter, and his parents are now forcibly evicting their son.

Extreme? Perhaps if this were a different family. But Rotondo has been given many chances by his generous folks. Rotondo’s parents offered him $1,100 to find a new home. But Rotondo simply took the money and continued to stay on his parents’ couch. Moreover, Rotondo is blatantly rude to his mother and father, does not chip in for bill payments, and does not help out with chores.

In February, Rotondo’s parents had reached the last straw. They issued notices to their son in attempt to get him to leave. They have since sued Rotondo for refusing to move. The situation climaxed this week in a Supreme Court hearing. And the verdict? The judge sided with Rotondo’s parents and told him to get the hell out of their house.

Take a look at the news release below and see for yourself.

Maybe the judge was a little harsh, but Rotondo was a huge asshole himself. The list of grievances is miles long. Rotondo does not have a job and is not looking for one. He does not help around the house, and he is disrespectful to his parents. On top of all of this, he is a deadbeat dad who does not care for his kids.

So maybe Rotondo’s parents were right to get the highest court in the land involved in order to kick their son out. Sometimes even our children need a little tough love.

Perhaps this is just what Rotondo needed to kick his life into gear. Or maybe his parents will have to resort to a stick of dynamite.

Watch the hilarity that ensues here when a mother evicts her World of Warcraft addicted son.

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