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Over 150 Whales Will Be Killed In Iceland This Summer If This Man Has Anything To Do With It

This seems a bit harsh.

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Despite the fact that most of us eat meat, which inevitably means the killing of animals, there are some circumstances that really get the world’s back up when it comes to animal killing, especially when it involves someone that is very rich.

Step in Kristjan Loftsson. This Icelandic millionaire successfully carried out an operation that led to the first killing of a blue whale in 50 years with a harpoon canon. The whale fishing company that were behind this act have argued that the whale was actually a hybrid of a blue whale and a fin whale, which in turn meant it was completely legal to carry out the operation. However, naturally people have questioned the killing and many aren’t happy at all.

A representative from the International Fund for Animal Welfare, Sigursteinn Masson, is definitely unhappy about this and has said: “The result is that a rare and protected species has suffered as collateral damage from a cruel, unnecessary and increasingly unpopular hunt. Now that the evidence has been confirmed, we once again call for an immediate and permanent end to this whaling to prevent further harm to these endangered species, which not only play a crucial role within the marine ecosystem, but also embody such a rich national and cultural heritage as well.”

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Masson also went to say that the IFAW has been working with Icelanders for years to promote whale watching, rather than whale killing, and argues that this is (obviously) better whales, Iceland’s tourism industry and also the countries international reputation.

He has a very good point, when you consider that only 1% of the population of Iceland actually eats whale meat and that roughly half the restaurants in the country are whale meat free. However millionaire Loftsson seems to be taking no notice of the backlash and has actually said he vows to capture and kill another 150 whales this summer alone. At this moment, his ships are out in the sea on the hunt for more.

Ever wanted to fly with geese? This man has.

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