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New Neo-Nazi Stickers Found Spread Across London As Tension Rises

A series of stickers have started appearing across the city.

A series of stickers have started appearing across the city.

A new type of fascist fear mongering has started appearing all over London. New stickers pop up all over the city, claiming the land for themselves. This brand of tagging ensures no confusion with a slogan like, “Good Night Left Side” which is a racist riff of “Good Night White Pride”.

What is even more horrendous is that the sticker shows a car. This is the same one that horribly struck down 32-year-old Heather Heyer in Charlottesville just last month. They seem to be commemorating the event forever on this horrid design.

There is a true hero in this fascist mess, researcher for Faith Matters, Steve Rose, tore down the sticker while stating,

The sticker is representative of the potentially more violent form of neo-Nazi activism.

Its use of a Dodge Charger vehicle is a disturbing and deliberate choice following the terroristic murder of Heather Heyer in Charlottesville.

It is intended to threaten communities and individuals they perceive to be on the “left”.

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It seems that racism these days is at no short supply. This certain hotel singled out “Jewish guests” in their terribly racist remarks in letters around their hotel.

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