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Mexican Businessman Fights Policies With Trump Paper

Anti-Trump sentiment is on a roll!

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It’s no secret that the current POTUS has inspired many a meme and well-deserved protest, but now we’re getting productive. We’re on a roll, and the latest evidence is Trump Paper.

Mexican businessman Antonio Battaglia announced on May 29 the future release of his ingenious product: Trump Paper. That’s right, Trump-inspired toilet paper. Battaglia created Trump Paper to protest against the president’s unfavorable migration policies.

The product’s packaging includes a grinning toilet paper with an clear likeness to the commander-in-chief—signature hairstyle and all—and the tagline “Suavidad sin fronteras” (“Softness without borders”). Battaglia trademarked the phrase back in 2015, when Trump announced his bid for the presidency. As said in an interview with Expansiónthe creator “started looking for a way to do something that had an impact, not in a tone of mockery or revenge, but in a positive way.”


Photo: Antonio BattagliaAlso, the back of the packaging (see above) has the little Trump Paper saying “This is the wall we’re going to pay for.” This, with the character pointing at a wall of toilet paper, acts as an extra dig at the POTUS and his past statements.

In the May 29 announcement, Battaglia said that 30% of Trump Paper profits will go to Mexican migrants and deportees. He also claimed that the business part of the endeavor is secondary to helping people affected by Trump’s policies.

Make sure you pick up a 4-pack (or ten) when Trump Paper hits shelves later this year!

Curious in what kinds of crap—ha—have spawned from Trump’s antics? Let The Simpsons fill you in.

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