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Martin Shkreli Enjoying Jail, Teaching Inmates His Ways

“Pharma Bro” living it up.

Photo: Kevin Hagen/Getty

“The most hated man in America” and everyone’s favorite “Pharma Bro” seems to be having a great time in prison. No, that wasn’t sarcasm. Martin Shkreli actually seems to be doing well.

For the last several months, Shkreli has been pulling some pretty dumb moves. While waiting to be sentenced for his deceit of major hedge funds, Shkreli violated his bail. For some reason he wanted his comrades on the outside to obtain a lock of Hilary Clinton’s hair. Strange.

Needless to say, after that last incident people thought the asshole was finally going to get what he deserved. Nope. Since then, Shkreli has been held in Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Detention Center, a place once described by an attorney as “the worst prison Shkreli will ever be in.” However, it seems as though the scammer has actually been thriving.

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In a recently discovered letter to his friend Lisa Whisnant, Shkreli reveals all about his time in jail. The letter was featured in the New York Times:

“Things are not THAT awful here,” inmate 87850-053 wrote to Whisnant, underlining “THAT” three times. “There are some bright sides. I am teaching these prisoners some new things and hopefully some ways to change their lives.”

“He seems to be handling it with typical Shkreli style,” she said. “He brings people together and shares his knowledge. Martin was meant to be a teacher. He loves it. He’s a natural.”

Shkreli has also been subjected to “sorrowful stories,” he writes, such as a purported mobster crying in his room.

“There’s a lot of pain on these [prisoners] that people don’t see,” Whisnant said, regarding the alleged wise guy’s whimpers. “He’ll be absolutely fine. He always is,” she added of Shkreli when asked if the revelations of teary-eyed mobsters might endanger him.

Hm…okay maybe it doesn’t sound like a walk in the park. But the guy definitely isn’t someone’s bitch or getting beaten all the time. However, even if those horrible acts were happening to him, it’s unlikely that he would relay that to the outside in a public letter.

Despite how much the public hates Martin Shkreli, no one wants to hear about him getting butt raped. Looks like the guy got lucky and his situation is adequate…for now.

For a little more background on Shkreli and how the ball got rolling, click here.

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