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Man Finds Someone Else Living In His House Along With Stalker Notes

This will scare the sh*t out of you.

Main image credit: HBO

Recently a guy called Ashontez posted on the internet about his crazy discovery in his house. And it’s nothing short of a horror movie!

If you live in an apartment, it’d be logical to feel a bit more safer than say out in the country, in the middle of the woods, in an old riggety house. Our pal here Ashontez was more than safe,  he had two deadlocks on his door! However, this is where we find out he’s been bested in all ways possible.

So he just got a new job in October in Tech Support, with the graveyard shifts from 1am to 12pm, so he thought the only thing he had to worry about was his weird sleeping schedule. But, over the next few weeks, he noticed a few strange things happening.

He wrote “Door are still being left open and closed, and food has been disappearing from my fridge.”, which he blamed on his cats and his coincidental STML, but you can’t be that forgetful!

And then the fateful night. Ashontez was working from home for the first time, when he heard a key sliding into his front door and someone jiggling the lock. Then he grabbed a gun “with the intent to shoot someone”, but when he opened the door… no one was there!

Now don’t get all CSI on us, there were no security cameras in the hall, so it was impossible to check.

“Around 3:00am I was catching up on The 100 when someone unlocked my fucking door! I don’t mean, picked the lock, I mean used the key… I ran and grabbed my gun, looked out the peephole, but saw nothing. I opened the door, with the intent to shoot someone, but the person was already gone.”

Then, when he thought he had heard the worst of it, a couple of days later someone used his credit card to pay $3000. That’s beyond okay.

Flashforward to Christmas, he goes to his cupboard to take out his Christmas tree, and he found the creepiest thing yet.

Clothes, shoes, toiletries and a notebook in a duffel bag that he did not recognise.

What’s the scariest is the notebook. Inside were notes that were about Ashtontez!

“What was in the notebook horrified me. They were notes about me.”

This guy had been stalking Ashontez, observing when he slept, came home from work, etc. There were notes about his cats, where his keys were, as well as his credit card details. What’s most unsettling is the circled ‘heavy sleeper’.

Ashtontez then proceeded to call the cops and hand over the bag and notebook, but unsurprisingly his case got low priority. He’s not gonna be catching this guy anytime soon.

No worries though, because Ashtontez is moving out soon.

In other news, read more about the creepy stories from America’s murderous hotel.

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