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Man Arrested Following Sickening Grenfell Tower Facebook Post

Who in their right mind would do this?

Victoria Jones/PA
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Unfortunately, disaster hit London for a second time in a matter of weeks as the Grenfell Tower apartment block caught fire, causing many residents to lose their lives. But once again, the love and support from so many people in our nation’s capital has shown how strong we are when facing ill-fated tragedy.

But one man thought it was appropriate to take photos of the victims’ bodies and post them on Facebook for the world to see. Shocking, disgusting, demoralising. The last thing the families need is these pictures circulating the internet when they are trying to grieve.

The 43-year-old man allegedly said he was trying to help identify some of the bodies, but has since been arrested on suspicion of sending malicious communications and obstructing a coroner. The last thing the police and investigation team need is somebody like this who is causing nothing but more concern and spreading more negativity during a darkened time in UK.

Social media has been so prevalent in spreading the word about how you can help during the shocking events that have occurred over the last month or so. This is a case where social network shows its dark side. The man has been sentenced to three months.

Since the terrible fire, the Queen and Prince William have been to visit the Grenfell Tower centre where they met and spoke to some of the residents and emergency workers.

The recent events didn’t seem to scare some Brits.

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