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Kidnapped YouTuber Returns Home from Haiti

An American YouTuber payed a $50,000 ransom to Haitian gang leaders for freedom.

Kidnapped YouTuber returns home
YouTuber allegedly kidnapped in Haiti returns home to the U.S. Credit: YourFellowArab/YouTube

An American YouTuber, known as ‘YourFellowArab,’ said he’d been kidnapped during his trip to Haiti. He has paid for his freedom, a whopping $50,000, but is still trapped in the country.

Addison Pierre Maalouf is known for his traveling/adventure videos, which he posts on his YouTube channel, ‘YourFellowArab.’ In March, he traveled to Haiti to interview Jimmy Cherizier, who goes by “Barbeque.” Cherizier is a Haitian gang member whose motive is to spark an alliance and get Prime Minister Ariel Henry to quit office.

Throughout Maalouf’s travel in Haiti, he has crossed paths with multiple police across the region. On March 14, Maalouf was kidnapped by the Haitian gang, along with his Haitian friend, Jean Sacra Sean Roubens. According to the Haitian Times, Maalouf and Roubens were both held captive for over two weeks.

Due to the conflicts in Haiti, the U.S. State Department has warned citizens about traveling to the country. Maalouf has posted videos on his YouTube channel regarding Mexican drug cartels, different crime organizations and Las Vegas “tunnel” people. The YouTuber mentioned in one of his videos that “corrupt policemen” permitted the 400 Mawozo gang to kidnap him.

The 400 Mawozo gang is one of the most notorious criminal groups that originated in Haiti. The violent gang is currently operating in the Croix-des-Bouquets area located east of the capital, Port-au-Prince.

“We had confirmed an interview with Barbecue, Barbecue had approved us, and we had safe passage until a group of corrupt security set us up – corrupt police officers in the country set us up and set up an ambush on us to kidnap us,” Maalouf informed Voice of America.

“You know I came to this country (Haiti) because I wanted to give a voice to someone who’s leading an insurrection in this country against a very, very corrupt government,” he continued.

The 400 Mawozo gang has been accused of multiple accounts of sexual violence, including the rape of innocent women and children. Additionally, Barbecue is most wanted due to his leadership in illegal activity- kidnapping, rape, and trafficking. He is one of many gang members who are targets of US and UN sanctions for abusing human rights.

According to Maalouf, members of the gang have stolen his camera equipment, including his memory card. Some on the internet have accused Maalouf of lying about being kidnapped for “clout.” Many have started doubting him once a video surfaced on TikTok, showing him smoking and drinking with Joseph Wilson, Mawozo gang leader.

“Behind the videos are ten guys holding guns,” Maalouf explained to the Haitian Times. “I played the games I had to play, you understand? I’m locked in a room for 17 days, I can either cry, or I can make friends with them. But I’m still kidnapped.”

Once released, Maalouf said a “dispute” with a rental car company prevented him from catching his flight on Monday. According to the Haitian Times, he stayed in Haiti at a police facility. Over 53,000 people have escaped and fled Haiti’s gang-ridden capital in under three weeks, according to an updated UN report.

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