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Jeffrey Epstein’s Suicide Was Executed Exactly The Way It Was Planned Out

The victims deserved the trial and to see him suffer and go to jail for the rest of his life.

State Of Florida. Mug shot of Jeffrey Epstein. July 25, 2013. Retrieved via

Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in his jail cell over this past weekend. The official cause of death won’t be known for a few more weeks but for now, it has been called a suicide. With all of the sextrafficking claims and the years that this went on, his death just makes him look that much more guilty. Many are saying this is a conspiracy that we will never fully know the whole truth about. That may or may not be true but this whole situation just seems too convenient and well played out to be a conspiracy. There is more to this than we, the public, will ever know about.

Epstein was found dead in his jail cell only hours after some unsealed documents about him and an island he owned where all of these escapades happened were released. According to Ghast Lee (, some politicians “including Bill Clinton, took private trips to Epstein’s ‘paedophilia island'” ( 1). Lee goes on to suggest that Epstein’s death was not a conspiracy because “this was a murder/assisted suicide that was planned and carried out by very important and powerful people” ( 1). I do agree with Lee. There are enough powerful people involved and who spent time with him that its hard to believe that this was just an elaborate conspiracy. Every move was planned because everyone knew exactly how this was going to play out.

All Part Of A Plan

With some many people who were in Epstein’s corner and willing to help him does make me wonder how can you so blindly help him after all of the people he has hurt over the years? Lee believes that because of all of these powerful people, Epstein’s death will never be fully revealed. Lee writes that is also a claim that “he was taken off suicide watch, which if true is even more suspect considering the unbelievable pressure and controversy surrounding this case” ( 2). Lee also says that there are “rumors that the security cameras around Epstein’s cell stopped working around the time he died” ( 2). Talk about another huge coincidence. Though it has not been confirmed whether this is true or not, it wouldn’t shock me if it is true.

Wikipedia Commons. Picture of Jeffrey E Epstein. March 2011. Retrieved via

So Where Will This All Go From Here?

Since Epstein was supposed to be on suicide watch and then suddenly was taken off of it just days before his death, that sends up another red flag. Why the sudden move? Obviously, once he was caught he had a team of people who jumped in to help him and the plan was then put into action. Seems like they knew that he would eventually get caught for his crimes. And William Barr’s office has asked for the FBI and Inspector General to launch investigations into his death as well, according to Ghast Lee. All that will do is help with the cover up even more.

The people I feel for the most are the victims of his sex trafficking/crimes. He was a despicable human being and his “suicide” is just him taking the easy way out, the cowardly thing to do, to avoid any real punishment. These victims will never get to have their day in court to testify and will never get to know that he has paid for what he did to them. Jeffrey Epstein is just another rich white man who has gotten away with unspeakable acts. And all of the other people who helped him get away with all this will probably never be implicated either. I hope all of the victims will find comfort in the fact that he is dead but I know that is only part of their daily battle that they will have to deal with for the rest of their lives. The coming days will be interesting to see what else is going to discovered and how all of this is going to unfold from here.

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