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Ja Rule is Selling the Infamous Fyre Festival Sandwich Tweet for $80,000

If you fail, capitalize on it.

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If you fail, capitalize on it. 

Recording artist Ja Rule announced he is selling a tweet for $80,000. The tweet: Trevor DeHaas’ infamous cheese sandwich from Fyre Festival. 

In 2017, Ja Rule teamed up with entrepreneur Billy McFarland to create Fyre Festival, an event marketed as a luxurious music festival, promising luxury villas, and gourmet cuisine. The outcome: soggy mattresses and prepackaged sandwiches. 

Fyre sparked national attention after Trevor DeHaas, a festival-goer, posted the now-notorious picture on Twitter: 

“‘The dinner that @fyrefestival promised us was catered by Steven Starr is literally bread, cheese, and salad with dressing.”

McFarland is serving a six-year sentence for mail and wire fraud. A judge dismissed Ja Rule from Fyre’s lawsuit in 2019.

Now, Rule is teaming up with DeHaas to sell the notorious tweet. Ja Rule’s Flipkick is selling the tweet for $80,000 as a non-fungible token (NFT). According to, all proceeds will be going to DeHaas’ medical expenses, such as daily dialysis and a kidney transplant. 

What’s an NFT?

Essentially, an NFT is anything digital accompanied by an owner’s certificate. With an NFT, the buyer would own the intellectual property (IP) and its copyright, meaning one could potentially profit off the IP if others were to buy it.

NFTs are complicated. It’s like crypto-currency….but not? Think about it as if it were a historical relic or famous painting being put for auction. However, in this case, the object exists solely on the internet. 

As long as it’s digital, anything can be turned into an NFT. Examples include drawings, music, and (yes) tweets. The craziness does not end there, one could even download their own brain, turn it into an AI, and sell it as NFT! 

Most of the excitement behind this phenomenon comes from users selling digital art online. However, here’s the catch: anyone can copy the file as many times as they want. What’s priceless is the person’s ownership of the original property. 

As the saying goes, “anyone can buy a Monet, but only one person can own the original.” We’re not sure if a sandwich equals a Monet, but we guess that depends on the buyer. 

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