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Gwyneth Paltrow Awarded $1 and Cleared of Fault in Ski Accident

I wonder what she will buy with that one dollar…

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After two weeks of high and mighty courtroom outfits and a cast of characters scripted from the best of comedies, the Gwyneth Paltrow courtroom trial over a ski crash is finally over.

In 2016, Oscar-worthy actress Gwyneth Paltrow was involved in a physical conflict on the ski slopes of Utah. The retired optometrist, Terry Sanderson, age 76, claims that the confrontation with Ms. Paltrow on the ski slopes injured him with life-altering injuries. Mr. Sandersons has filed a suit against Ms. Paltrow, claiming that the damages of the injuries were worth $300,000.

However, Ms. Paltrow firmly claimed this was preposterous and that the incident was not her fault. She claimed he crashed into her from behind at the slopes.
Ms. Paltrow counter-sued Mr. Sanderson for a single dollar.

I repeat an iconic $1. (Plus, legal fees, of course.)

The trial took social media ablaze due to the stylish outfits, the silly names, and frankly, the absolute absurdity of the testimonies and the reason for the trial itself.

The Final Verdict

After two weeks of deliberation and iconic memes, the jury members unanimously arrived at the final verdict that Ms. Paltrow was not guilty and rightfully deserved the $1 and legal fees to be covered by Mr. Sanderson.

During the televised event, we can see Paltrow expressionless and looking forward before quickly standing up and confidently walking out once the verdict was said.

She briefly stops by Sanderson’s side, whispers, “I wish you well,” and then walks firmly out.

Paltrow then took to Instagram to thank the thoughtfulness of the judge and the members of the jury “in handling this case.”

She went through with it because she claimed,

I felt that consenting to a false claim compromised my integrity.

Paltrow, Instagram stories

A Matter Of What Is Right

Paltrow’s lawyer, Steve Owens, is not surprised by her calmness throughout the trial. He shared with the media waiting outside the courtroom that Ms. Paltrow “has a history of advocating for what she believes in. This situation was no different; she will continue to stand up for what is right.”

Mr. Sanderson still does not believe that everything that happened in the courtroom was entirely ‘right’.

Sanderson claims that Paltrow’s star power aided her in convincing the member jury that she was not to blame. Sanderson recognized this disadvantage, and frankly, celebrities in courtrooms are known for mostly getting their way. Mostly, but almost definitely, if it is something as petty as this.

Contradictory Stories

We still do not have a clear idea of who bumped into whom, but Mr. Sanderson claims that the incident left him with life-altering brain trauma, which he cannot recover from.

Sanderson claims he was left in the snow unconscious while Paltrow skied away. In contrast, Paltrow claims that he bumped into her from behind and even apologized as he skied off.

Who knows what skiing etiquette entails?

Anyway, another iconic internet moment of fame comes to a close.

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