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Floyd Mayweather Pays Hot Women To Party With Him

Sad or smart?

Sad or smart?
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Yep, that’s right. Former boxer Floyd Mayweather pays attractive women to go to his parties.

There’s two ways to look at this. Either Mayweather is really sad or really smart.

Ever find yourself alone on a Friday night? Ever find yourself watching other people’s snapchat stories and wish it was you getting white girl wasted? Well, money might just solve those problems for you. Yeah it’s a little bit pathetic, and maybe even a little bit immoral, but it does the job.

Plus, if you’re the right level of rich, you could even get your assistant to message the hot women for you. That’s how Mayweather’s partying habits got out.  His assistant was caught messaging pretty young females and offering them cash to attend his parties.

All things considered, Floyd could be doing worse for himself. At least he’s got that kind of money. He could be living off noodles and takeaway and washing his hair with soap like most university students. Who are we to judge?

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