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Extraterrestrial Wake-Up Call For The U.K. As Lord Buckethead Takes 2017 Votes

The real winner of the General Election.

The real winner of the General Election.
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If politics weren’t already blowing your mind on a daily basses, another factor has been thrown into the bucket. The political candidate took 249 of votes during May’s Maidenhead constituency and his name is Lord Buckethead.

Thus far, the intergalactic, satirical figure in all black has simplified politics down to encouraging humanity to just “stick together” seeing as we have “bigger things to worry about.”

Wether or not those things are asteroids, climate change or equality, Lord Buckethead seems to want to steer politics away from the incoherence its developing.

This viral sensation seems to be a character for the people, even if no one can take him seriously.His political party, the Gremloids, are unregistered on earth, and promise a strong, not entirely stable leadership.

Buckethead has already created his own declaration of intentions and motives for himself and what he stands for, including Phantom Zones, free bikes, star bases, and bucket-related headgear. One the more reality-checked side of things, Lord Buckethead included advice on Brexit and foreign military involvement.

Lord Buckethead’s appearance in the political world might mean more than we can see for the moment. But for now, he’s something to either distract or draw attention to the problems in today’s politics.

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