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Dramatic Footage: ISIS Fighter Who Posed With Severed Head Arrested

A well-known terrorist who posed with the severed head of a Syrian soldier was arrested early this week in Spain.

Featured image by Policia Nacional, via the DailyStar

Policia Nacional of Spain released dramatic footage of one of Europe’s most wanted ISIS terror suspects being arrested and led out of a home with a towel over his head. Unconfirmed reports claim the man is Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary, a British-Egyptian who had allegedly posed with the severed heads of his victims. 

A group of more than ten armored and hooded national police officers raided an apartment at 3 AM on April 20 and arrested several men. Information on the identity of Bary, a rapper who had been living in England, came from a tweet by Jean-Charles Brisard, president of the Terrorism Analysis Center (CAT) in France. 

29-year-old rapper and alleged terrorist Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary
Image via Dailystar

According to the NY Post, Bary went by his rap monikers “Lyricist Jinn” and “L Jinny” in the early 2000s’ London rap scene. In 2013 he joined ISIS, posting on Facebook, “I have left everything for the sake of Allah.”

Soon Europe’s terror taskforces sought to capture and stop Bary, who had quickly gained notoriety. 

Bary appeared in graphic propaganda videos released out of Iran and Syria in association with ISIS, and posted a horrid image of himself posing with the head of a Syrian soldier.

Based on the way he held the head in the photo, officials thought at the time that he might be another wanted terrorist known as “Jihadi John,” the NY Post reports. They ruled him out when the real Jihadi John died in a drone strike in 2015, however. Bary then disappeared out of officials’ sights for about five years. 

Terror runs in the family; Bary’s father currently sits in prison serving a 25-year sentence in the United States for his own criminal acts. In 2015, a Manhattan federal court found Adel Abdel Bary guilty of conspiring with Obama Bin Laden in the 1998 bombings of two US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania.

His son apparently followed in his father’s footsteps. Hopefully he will now be brought to justice to end the lineage of terror. 

Abdel Bary
Image via
Featured image by Policia Nacional, via the DailyStar
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