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Deadly North Korean Female Spies Responsible for Mysterious Death



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North Korea is an elusive and mysterious place in many ways to the Western world. While many parts of their society and culture will forever be unknown to us, we can shed a bit of light on the training regimes for female spies in the country.

The events of this country continue to baffle us. Some of the latest events include the death of Kim Jong-Un’s half brother. It is thought that this yet-to-be-explained death is at the hands of rigorously trained female spies. This all raises many questions, along with the millions of other questions this country raises. Why did North Korea want Jong-nam dead? Who really did this, and how?

Jong-nam is the eldest son of late North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il and the leader’s own relative. He has been known to condone a pro-reform approach and Chinese regime elements. Jong-nam’s assassination has been attempted in the past, such as in 2011 which led to a shoot-off between his guards and those of North Korean spies. Kim Jong Un feared Jong-nam’s presence in North Korea as a legitimate threat to his totalitarian rule. Jong-Nam was killed in a Malaysian Airport, after complaining of dizziness and immediately being taken to hospital by ambulance.

The two women associated with the assassination are Siti Aisyah, 25, and Doan Thi Huong, 28. They can be seen spraying a liquid into Kim Jong-nam’s face which they claimed was harmless and for a television show. It is believed that they sprayed him with a poison which subsequently resulted in his death. The two women have been arrested on suspicion of being involved in Kim Jong-nam’s murder. South Korea has referred to the event as an ‘act of terrorism’ and it is being treated as highly suspicious. The murder only adds to the extreme North/South Korean divide.

North Korea has a long history of using female spies. Many women are trained to defend the country and are taken from schools and universities to train for this role. Female spies are trained for eight years and are typically highly intelligent and also extremely attractive, helping them to lure and seduce their victims to their demise. Jong-nam was simply going about his ordinary day at the airport before travelling, with no idea these would be his last moments.

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