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Dead Man Propped Up By Two Other Men In Attempt To Collect His Pension At A Post Office In Ireland

“The man looked unwell as his feet were dragging the ground.”

River Barrow and Bridge at Carlow Town Credit: Walsh Photos/Shuttershock

Gardaí, the state police force of the Irish Republic, is investigating the death of a man in Carlow town, whose body was brought into a post office by two others in what appeared to be an attempt to claim the deceased man’s pension.

I’m not quite sure how to process the mental image of people standing in line while a couple of dudes are standing there trying to make a dead man look alive while his feet were dragging on the ground. However, after the bizarre past couple of years we’ve had, I’ve learned that anything is possible. 

Friday Morning At The Post Office

This grotesque incident began when a man entered a post office on Friday morning. The man was looking to collect a pension payment on behalf of an older man. However, he was informed by a staff worker that the pensioner would have to be present in order for a payment to be given out.

The man then left the post office and returned shortly after with two other men: one younger and one in his 60s. The younger two men, who were propping up the older man, demanded that they collect the pension payment for him. 

For obvious reasons, the staff worker was suspicious of the men and alerted another worker. No cash was handed over. Realizing that the post office staff was onto them, the younger men dropped the body and asserted that the older man was having a heart attack. 

What’s even crazier is that the two men didn’t even flee the scene–they stayed right where they were! Gardaí and emergency services were notified, and the man’s body was removed from the scene. He was declared dead a few hours later. The two men have not been arrested, for they told Gardaí that the man was alive when they brought him to the post office.

Carlow Garda Station
Credit: KarlM Photography/Shuttershock

“You Couldn’t Make Up What Happened.”

The deceased man, known locally as Peadar Doyle, was a “decent guy, very well regarded and liked and caused no offense to anybody,” said Fergal Browne, an Irish Fine Gael politician from Carlow. 

“You couldn’t make up what happened,” Browne said, adding that he thought the story was made up when he first heard it.

“It’s unreal. You are looking at it as a rational person, but whoever did this was not rational.”

Doyle had been a resident of Pollerton Road, an area close to the post office. A post-mortem has just determined he did not die in suspicious circumstances, a source has revealed. The post-mortem also revealed that he passed away just three hours before being brought to the post office.

Though the post-mortem just revealed this information, no arrests have been made as of yet.

The Irish police force will continue to investigate the case further.

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