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Casual Tinder Sex is Giving Athletes More Rest and Relaxation

It’s all about playing the game.

It's all about playing the game.
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Instead of going out to the clubs, schmoozing the liquor, and making late night Waffle House trips, athletes are getting snug with Tinder babes. Tom Haberstroh of ESPN explained that Tinder makes it so there’s no need to go clubbing all night. And apparently people are getting two hours more sleep with a Tinder boo. Yet athletes must be super saiyans if they can go clubbing and schmooze the booze the night before a game.

Casual Tinder sex is also helping athletes win away games. Whereas before the home team often had the advantage. It’s all thanks to the dating app for giving our players some extra sleep and comfort. Just goes to show when the NBA is off the courts, they’re still playing the game.

The dating app is becoming a way of life for a lot of young people. And it’s as simple as swiping right or left… literally. There’s no need for club money and Waffle House when you can mingle on the couch with fine wine and Mario Kart. But club or no club, late night breakfast foods are always delicious.

For more Tinder news, check out this article on orangutans being introduced to the dating app.

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