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Casino Offers Woman Steak Dinner Instead Of $43 Million Dollar Jackpot


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Okay, imagine this: you’re at the slot machine, you put in some money, and crank the lever. Your heart beats a little faster waiting for the results, your hands perspire slightly and then… Boom! You win the $43 million jackpot! Then, as you go to collect your winnings, the casino politely offers you a steak dinner instead.

Katrina Bookman is now suing the Resorts World Casino in New York because that actually happened to her. She won what would have been the largest slot machine jackpot in US history, and the casino offered her a free steak dinner and $2.50 instead. One of the spokesmen for the casino claimed that there was an “obvious malfuntion” with the slot machine. Not only did the casino claim that there was a malfunction, but the New York State Gambling Commission claimed this as well, even though all of the lights and noises had indicated that she won the jackpot. Bookman even took a selfie of her and the machine while it was printing a cash receipt with the prize amount on it. Bookman appropriately responded by denying the steak dinner and suing them up the ass.

Keep in mind that this isn’t the first time this has happened. In 2011, an 87-year-old woman went to the Iowa Supreme Court because a casino denied her the $42 million jackpot. There was an alleged malfunction of the machinery there, as well. It’s looking like Bookman is going to need a hefty amount of luck to win a case like this considering how powerful the gambling industry is, but this begs the question: where does this end? Will people ever win their millions? We all know how slim the odds are, and that it’s an enormous scam, but seriously, “you can’t claim a machine is broken because you want it to be broken,” Bookman’s lawyer, Alan Ripka, accurately stated to CNN. However, all legalities aside, gambling is a bad habit. Don’t do it because this will most likely happen to you if you ever get this lucky. Put your money towards something else.

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