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Candy Controversy: Skittles Draws Backlash For Their LGBT Campaign

White Power Skittles?

Credit: Skittles

As far as advertising campaigns go, Skittles is giving Pepsi a run for their money.

The candy conglomerate recently unveiled this year’s LGBTQ+ Pride campaign, which sees the rainbow-colored skittles turned white as a show of reverence to the Pride rainbow flag.

Along with the change in coloring, Skittles promised donations for the LGBTQ+ community and released this slogan: “Only one rainbow matters this pride. Give the rainbow, taste the rainbow. All the lentils are white in celebration of Pride. Enjoy the mystery mix.”

Unsurprisingly, Skittles has received ridicule for this all-white campaign, with hundreds of customers and social media-users proclaiming the colorless candies as “white pride skittles.”

While many of the tweets are meant in jest, some have taken this campaign more seriously, claiming that the company’s display is a dangerous example of whitewashing and racism.

Still, others understood Skittles’ original intent and praised the candy for temporarily giving up its rainbow.

Despite this positivity, it’s hard to ignore the absurdity of the situation. As one Twitter-user points out, “the jokes write themselves.”

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