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Blue Ball Brigade Report Sex Workers To IRS

Incel community reporting SnapChat sex workers for tax evasion.

Image: David Wu via

Incel community reporting SnapChat sex workers for tax evasion.

Not often in my research for articles do I come across something that makes my literally LOL, today that happened. However it was a LOL accompanied by a hint of incredulity. Before I delve into the details of this story let me answer that burning question you may have, I certainly did. What the f**kity hell is an incel?

Well, here’s what I’ve learnt from a brief perusal of the interwebs. An incel is short for ‘involuntarily celibate’ a term coined by a lesbian women named Alana from Toronto in 1993 to describe her loneliness and to connect with others online who felt the same.

Fast forward to the present and it seems that the term which was once a beautiful and innocent motto for uniting people has been adopted by a bunch of sexually frustrated men who are in very basic terms, pissed off that they aren’t getting any.

Now this would be fine if this group were just bitching and moaning online to each other about it but they’re not. They plot on forums to cause violence to women, overthrow feminism and advocate for state sponsored rape!

Wtf? I hear you cry? Yup, that’s what I said before laughing my ass off at the sexless neanderthals. David Futrelle, a writer and creator of the blog We hunted the mammoth which examines and discusses the modern wave of internet bred misogyny spoke about his observations about the incel community.

“A lot of these guys are pretty young, and I think some of it stems from standard adolescent insecurities and sexual frustration and anger about being rejected by girls. But instead of growing out of this, they turn it into a lifestyle.”

He went on to say “Incels hate women, but they also hate themselves, and many of them convince themselves they’re too ugly or too short to ever be attractive.”

SnapChat Tax Evasion

Ok, so to the point, what have these assholes been up to? The latest dick move from the blue ball brigade has been to actively attempt to lower the income of SnapChat sex workers.

SnapChat sex workers are essentially cam girls that accept donations from viewers and use the platform to boost subscriptions to their webcam shows.

Incel’s have been reporting these women to the IRS (Internal revenue service) seemingly called to action by a David Wu and accomplice Cole Brown via Facebook in an effort to get them in serious trouble for tax evasion. Of course it’s trending hashtag is the #ThotAudit, please join me in a collective eye roll possibly accompanied by a groan. 

Now I‘m not even going to begin to pretend I understand US tax laws but this all seems like unessaccary shit posting. Certainly tax evasion shouldn’t go unreported but the methods being used by this so called community are clearly motivated by misogyny.

According to some other sources it may well be nothing more than online shit stirring. The forms required to report tax evasion require a considerable amount of detail which as some twitter users noted they can’t be getting from snapchat profiles or even a full paid subscription to these cam girls.

Image: via

Image: Twitter Via

Growing Violence

What’s most disturbing is the community seems to be growing in numbers and confidence after the horrific attack on April 23, 2018, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada where Alek Minassian, 25, killed 10 people and wounded a further 14, predominantly women after rampaging through the city in a rental van. 

Dubbed by some in the media as the ‘incel’ killer. Minassian posted on Facebook just hours before the attack saying “The Incel Rebellion has already begun!”. The post has since been removed. 

Image: Alex Minassian/LINKEDIN Via

Image: Facebook Via

Elliot Rodger, seen as a hero by some in the incel community, that Minassian mentions in his post was 22 years old when he distributed a 141 page manuscript exploring his loathing of women, fuelled by an intense frustration over his virginity. On May 23, 2014, in Isla Vista, California, Rodgers killed six people and injured fourteen others in a spree that ended near the University of California before shooting himself inside his vehicle.

The majority of incel activity remains on the internet but action taken by Rodger and Minassian show that they are becoming emboldened and taking their irrational hatred offline and out in to the real world where it becomes a real problem.

Here’s hoping that the blue ball brigade stay at their computers or get the professional help they need to integrate into society. Have your say in the comments below. Here’s some more information on the incel community.

This VICE Short On The Incel Comminuty Is Disturbing

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