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VIDEO: BBC Make Hilarious Subtitle Error During Trump’s Inauguration

Amazing screw up.

Amazing screw up.

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The BBC made a slight error in their subtitles during Donald Trump’s inauguration. 

We all know that Donald Trump was inaugurated last week. (If you didn’t know this then seriously, where have you been?) After a brief few hours in his new position, Trump declared that he was due a well earned weekend holiday. (You and me both!)

He hasn’t had a smooth run to the top though. Even the BBC appear to fighting back! The subtitles used on the programme’s coverage of the event was from none other than Tracey Beaker spin off, The Dumping Ground on CBBC. (All the childhood memories!)

This fault was apparently localised and not many televisions were effected by the problem. However, those who did manage to capture BBC’s blunder had a good laugh about it.

The dialogue included phrases such as, ‘No one wants you here’ and ‘Just shut it’. It seems like the children’s TV programme managed to put into words what a lot of the world was thinking about Trump’s inauguration at that moment.

Despite being lighthearted about Trump’s presidency, the inauguration has many people shitting themselves that this guy is in charge of their country.

I’m sure future articles on the US President won’t have such a jokey attitude…

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