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Banksy Has Opened a Hotel Right Next to the Israeli/Palestinian Wall

Do you dare spend a night here?

Do you dare spend a night here?

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Fifteen years after Israel’s wall of separation erected from the ground, splitting the lands 400 miles long right through the West Bank, street artist Banksy decided to combat this apartheid by building a hotel.

Yes, a hotel.

Banksy, whose real name is unknown to this day, worked in collaboration to bring awareness and attention to Israel’s very own Great Wall. Still standing strong, the “separation barrier” continues to isolate Israel from the countries on the West Bank, especially Palestine. The wall was originally constructed to prevent Palestinian terrorists from attacking the people of Israel. Though Palestine claims that it was a ploy to attain land.

Banksy’s Walled Off Hotel is located in Bethlehem, where it is known for having “the worst view in the world”. Half political protest and half art showcase, Banksy filled his hotel with artwork in response to the ongoing conflict. This is not the first time that Banksy has made such a loud political statement, but it is one of his more noteworthy projects. His goal was to bring awareness to the issue of building walls to solve political conflicts and sever friendly relations. Perhaps his message may even serve as a warning to the United States.

The Walled Off Hotel will be fully operational on March 20th of this year. Here are some photos of the hotel:

With artists like Banksy using their talents to bring awareness to separation issues, it’s a reason to keep the hope of world peace and togetherness alive.

It’s hard not to be inspired by Banksy incredible act of political activism, but wait until you check out Nazis Getting Punched!

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