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Bank In Italy Provides Cheesy Loans

It’s pretty cheesy.

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If only there was an easier way to receive loans. However, Credito Emiliano, a bank in Italy, has discovered a cheesy solution to the financial dilemma. They use parmesan cheese as collateral for their loans. This collateral parmesan is stored in a giant warehouse, protected by cheese miser (manager), Roberto Erignani. Imagine a warehouse filled with thousands of delicious cheese wheels, stacked on shelves that reach up to the ceiling… worth over $160 million euros.

This could be the future of student loans in America. For example, if students start investing in their own cheese farms then maybe their children can go to college off cheese funds. It’s a lot better than the alternatives: trying to build 700+ credit scores or being forced to take student loans. Yet aging Parmigiano-Reggiano takes years for it to be ready to eat. Which is why students should start their own cheese farms now to prepare for their futures. Whether the cheese fund money is for their kids or themselves, it’s a way to put food on the table and money in the wallet.

Mauro Rossi, a cheese producer in Italy, produces up to 60 wheels a day at his factory. He totals around 20,000 wheels at the end of the year. These parmesan blocks are worth their weight in gold, literally. Which might be why Credito Emiliano is so keen on using them for collateral in exchange for loans. These three guys, including the banker, Fausto Filippi, are redefining how loans are given. Hopefully American banks will adopt a cheesier method when it comes to burrowing and lending money.

Lastly, check out Trump enjoying a fine slice of cake as he forgets what country he bombed recently.

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