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Australian Senator Pauline Hanson’s Burqa Stunt Draws Backlash

“Ban the Burqa” outrage.

Image via: CNN

Unfortunately, Pauline Hanson is at it again.

Hanson—long known for her anti-Muslim beliefs—has once again put her bigotry on display by wearing a burqa during a Senate meeting on August 17th.

After many senators expressed their disbelief and distaste for the stunt, Hanson quickly took the garment off, saying that she is “quite happy to remove this [burqa] because it’s not what belongs in Parliament.”

She then turned to Attorney General George Brandis, asking him if he would work to “ban the burqa” in light of recent terrorist threats to national security.

Thankfully, Brandis stated that he would not work to ban the burqa before admonishing Hanson for her offensive stunt.

Take a look at Hanson’s antics below:

Hanson has long been a notorious far-right figure in Australian politics. Her “One Nation” Party has tried to spearhead numerous anti-Muslim and anti-immigration movements, despite claiming to not be racist.

Even President Trump’s administration listed Hanson’s party as a threat to religious freedom.

On the Internet, Hanson received considerable backlash and outrage from government workers and private citizens alike. Here’s just one of the numerous tweets condemning Hanson:

In more uplifting Australia-related news, a petition has been started to put Steve Irwin on Australia’s national currency.

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