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Opera House in Barcelona Opens its Doors to 2,929 Indoor Plants for Exclusive Show

Musicians make a statement about our changing world.

The most amazing thing ever just happened. Barcelona’s Opera House performed their music to plants! Yes, plants! Okay, details I know.

We are all fully aware that COVID-19 has shut down the music industry. Well, live music that is. I cry about this on a regular basis. You should also be aware that since COVID-19 shut down most of the world’s busy-body operations, the environment has thrived.

The birds are singing, the air is clean, mountains are remerging from decades of smog. Point being, we suck and it turns out a bunch of people have to die for us to realize this. Barcelona’s Opera House also made this connection between the global pandemic and its effect on the Earth. Hence, plant concert!
Video via Euro News Living

The musicians wanted to give back to the plants that put up with us and take some time to nourish a more intimate relationship with indoor foliage. Yes, all plants were indoor-only which makes sense considering they were sitting in 2,292 chairs inside an opera house.

It should be noted that this was their first performance in three months and they chose to this as their audience. Barcelona knows what’s up. Even better, all 2,292 plants will be gifted to health care providers thanking them for their service.

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I’d like to end this with some harsh words. Our Mother Earth is so incredibly beautiful. This story may make you smile, but it should make you sad. We wouldn’t make such a big deal about caring about plants and other life forms if we just simply did it everyday.

I know this time is scary. I know we want to look away and wait until someone says it’s safe to come out. I know nobody wants to give up the things they love– but this is absolutely not the time for selfishness. This time in our lives may be frightening, but the really horror will start if we come out on the other side of this unchanged.

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