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Actor Corey Feldman Accused of Sexual Battery

Because nothing is sacred.

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With movements like #MeToo raising more awareness than ever for cases of sexual assault (especially in the world of Hollywood), the spotlight is now on Corey Feldman.

Corey Feldman was once a rising star in Hollywood, having been a child actor in numerous 80s classics such as Gremlins, The Goonies, Stand by Me, and The Lost Boys.

Now, you may not be surprised to see another name of someone with connections to Hollywood being attached to accusations of sexual misconduct. After all, these accusations have just been unraveling over the course of the past few months. The sheer volume of victims has revealed both just how insidious this issue is and the fact that many, many careers have been snuffed out like a light because this just wasn’t something people listened to.

People are listening whether they like it or not, and as uplifting as that is, it can be hard to find hope.

The interesting thing about this particular accusation – as morbid as it is to say there’s anything ‘interesting’ to be found about this topic – is that Corey Feldman has long been campaigning to shed light on pedophilia in Hollywood. He’s even gone on record to state that he himself went through sexual abuse as a child, and has done a lot of work in his adulthood to bring awareness to the fact that he and other child actors were subjected to this mistreatment.

So that’s why it may come as a shock to discover that he has recently been accused of sexual battery, allegedly grabbing a woman’s rear. A statement was issued from the LAPD by Officer Sal Ramirez:

“We did have somebody file a sexual battery report on Monday, and they named Corey Feldman as the suspect.

We are not disclosing any information on who the victim is. But detectives are now investigating, and they will then take their case to the D.A., who will determine if he will be charged, and whether or not a warrant for his arrest will be issued.”

Feldman had this to say:

“Corey vehemently denies these egregious accusations. It goes against everything he believes in and is fighting for- victim protection and stopping inappropriate behaviour towards both children and adults.”

I’m not gonna lie, it would be extremely disappointing if these accusations turn out to be true. You don’t want to believe that someone who is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse would cross personal boundaries in such a way, but anything is possible.

Since this was pretty depressing, you may want some mind bleach. Stay safe.

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