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5.2 Tonnes of Cocaine Worth Over $200 Million Seized in the Atlantic Ocean

That’s a lot of prison time.

Credit: Zenger / Youtube

On 18th October, a 79-foot yacht was intercepted by police off the coast of Portugal. The yacht was found to be housing over 5 tonnes of cocaine on board, with an estimated street value of $232 million. This bust is one of the largest seen in Europe for years.

Authorities, with the help of naval and air forces, successfully intercepted the yacht as it passed near the shore of Portugal. The arrest came as a result of the combined efforts of Portugese, Spain, UK, and US drug enforcement powers. 

It is suspected that this shipment was the work of an international drug ring which seeks to smuggle the substance into Europe. A total of 183 bales of cocaine were found on board in total. The three men on the boat were arrested by Portugese authorities.

It is thought that the drug smuggling organisation in question operates by bringing illicit substances to Europe through the Iberian Peninsula.

At a press conference, Portugese police director Luis Neves celebrated the bust. 

“This is a major blow to those who want to flood Europe with cocaine,”

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