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1 Billion Dollars Worth of Weed in LA’s Biggest Bust

LA cops find about 1 billion dollars worth of illegal weed – one of the biggest busts so far.

Credit: Los Angeles County Police Department

In the Antelope Valley region in to the north of the LA county, cops have busted over illegal 373,000 Marijuana plants. One of the biggest sums of illegal weed confiscated in LA. 

With the rise of the pandemic, the circulation of illegal weed has increased – even though marijuana has been legalized. 

Because of this, LA police have upped the ante on cracking down on the circulation of illegal marijuana in the county. Since 8 June, they have commenced the “Marijuana Eradication Operation”, working alongside multiple other agencies.  

In attempts to cut out potential illegal dealings, LA police have struck down on one of the biggest busts LA has seen so far. The potential value of all the marijuana taken summed to about $1.193bn (£866,416,250) in street value, and 33,480 lbs. 


Along with confiscating the weed, police have arrested 133 individuals affiliated with the drug operations. 

LA authorities say they are very proud of this operation and wanted to send a “clear signal” to halt the alarming rate at which illegal drug operations were happening. 

Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva spoke up in press conferences revealing police sentiments over the successful operation:

What we want to do is send a clear and loud message to all the cartels and anyone doing illegal operations in the high desert.

Your days here are over and we’re coming for you.

The pandemic saw a rise in both drug and alcohol usage across most affected nations as people struggled to cope with the multiple lockdowns and pains they experienced in these unprecedented times.  However, if marijuana has been legalized where you live, it is always better and safer to get some through a trusted source rather than engage with illegal and dangerous dealings. Here are tips on how to seek advice on medical marijuana use with your physician

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