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You Can Now Buy The Amalfi Villa Where Picasso, Armani, And Timberlake Have All Stayed

There’s really not much point listing the facilities, it would be more productive to outline what the property does not possess

Credit: Youtube/Romolini Christies Luxury Real Estate

What do Madonna, Picasso, and John Steinbeck had in common? Before today I doubt I’d have much of an answer ready either. However, looking at this Positano palace, there’s no doubt why they all stayed here

It’s customary at this point to reel off a load of numbers about the property that don’t mean anything, so let’s start with that. The property measures 500 square metres inside, with 400 square metres of garden and 140 of terrace. For reference, a doubles tennis court is about 260sqm, the Oval Office is 75, Africa is 30.37 million, a half-floor nuclear bunker apartment is about 83. Had enough of numbers? Yeah me too, let’s hear more about the property.

There’s really not much point listing the facilities. It would be more productive to outline what the property does not possess. Master suite originally build for a bishop? Check. Lemon grove? Check. Spa including pool with built-in current? Check.

After all, what is an indoor swimming pool without an inbuilt river current to swim against? (Credit: Youtube/Romolini Christies Luxury Real Estate)

Far more interesting than the property is the history that comes with it. Originally built for the local bishop during the baroque period, the villa later became home to Eduard Gillhausen, a Bauhaus Jew fleeing the Nazis. It was during this period that Pablo Picasso and John Steinbeck checked in to enjoy the view.

Recline on the very terraces that Picasso and Madonna have frequented (Credit: Youtube/Romolini Christies Luxury Real Estate)

For those of you who want a closer look at the villa, see the Romolini website. Oh, you want an Italian tour guide? Well, luckily they have that too

As for me, it’s 11:59 am, which in lockdown means it’s one minute away from the time to justifiably start drinking. Who knows, maybe I’m two bottles of red away from thinking I’m in Positano rather than Didcot. It’s worth a try.

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