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This Reddit Thread of Workplace Mistakes Will Make Yours Look Insignificant

To err is to be human!

Credit: Flickr

We all make mistakes, but some are bigger than others!

One Reddit user with the username, u/sspecZ posted a question to r/AskReddit asking other users about times they had ‘massively fucked up’ at work and what had happened afterwards as a consequence of their actions. Nine thousand users have since commented with their biggest mistakes in the workplace, but do not worry, you will not need to go through all nine thousand replies to find the funniest ones. We’ve done that for you! 

Caught eating olives on camera

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Setting a classroom on fire 

Deleting all the animation files 

Sending an email about the client, to the client

Comment from discussion .

Yelled at the CEO of the company

Mixing up salt and sugar

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Nearly froze to death

Whilst all of these mistakes might have seemed to be the end of the world at the time, it is important to remember that everyone makes mistakes from time to time, and perhaps one day it will be a funny story to post on Reddit!

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