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What Does A $35 Million Dollar Mansion Look Like?

Ancient gongs, two story wine coolers, bowling and more.

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Ryan Serhant recently toured Don Lok’s 35 million dollar mansion in West Vancouver, Canada. The house itself is over 16,000 square feet and is nothing shy of what you can only imagine. This style of residency is considered more of a “Live-Work Loft” where employees gather for business and pleasure, but there are not necessarily permanent residents despite having 11 bedrooms inside.

The mansion has everything one might need while on the premise including 3 bars, a full arcade, and a bowling alley. Designed in the shape of a “U”, the enclave in the middle of the house has a full size pool and 16 person jacuzzi. Inside there is an aquarium, commercial grade pizza oven, 3 pool tables, and this isn’t even including the garage that sits 6 cars, two full size iron man suits, and the Infinity Guantlet worn by Thanos himself.

To top it off there is a 400 year old Buddah statue looking over the premise and a couple ancient gongs to remind them of their humble begins. If you don’t believe me, see for yourself.

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