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Tommy Hilfiger And His Wife Dee Tour Us Around Their $50 Million Dollar Apartment In NYC

I want a pizza tea room in my house.

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Antiquated in style, Hilfiger’s apartment is still in the lap of luxury that were would never be able to afford in our wildest dreams. The apartment is legendary and so are many of its guests. This suite has been the humble abode of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and even Marilyn Monroe.

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The $50 million dollar space includes a breathtaking view of central park and very unique architecture. There’s even a brick dome! And we can’t forget about their pizza tea room.

That’s enough talk. Here’s Tommy Hilfiger himself alongside his wife to give you the grand tour themselves.


If that wasn’t rich enough for you, here’s a Tour of a $20 Million Dollar Townhouse in New York!

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